Hydro Pure is developing a new technique to handle “produced water,” a mineral-heavy liquid that is a byproduct of natural gas production and pipeline transportation.

Just as the oil separation process yields oil that can be recycled, an evaporation water system would yield water that can be repurposed for industrial or human use.

Currently, produced water is commonly trucked to an approved disposal site and injected into the earth, typically 6,000 feet down to avoid contaminating drinking water. This process can be costly and difficult to carry out in high-population areas.

An evaporation water system would allow for the above-ground purification of produced water without the use of harmful chemicals or solutions. The evaporation process would extract usable water, leaving a mineral-heavy concentration that is easier and less costly to dispose.

In high-population areas, this method has the potential to be more cost effective than hauling produced water to a disposal site.